Nightingales. True Stories of Escape, Hope, and Resilience


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More than 11 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes as a result of civil war. Many of these people leſt everything–and everyone–behind to start new lives in a new country. They traveled hundreds, even thousands, of miles to start new lives in a place where they knew no one, and oſten didn’t speak the language. These are their stories–stories of escape, hope, and resilience. In Nightingales, Mimi Melkonian has compiled a fascinating collection of stories of Syrian migrants who leſt familiar surroundings, family members, and more, knowing they may never step foot in their homeland again. Their vision of a better life is what inspired them to keep moving forward without looking back. Their resilience has enabled them to flourish in their adopted countries. Melkonian profiles 16 inspiring migrants, including artists, musicians, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs.

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